General Health Tips

Welcome to General Health Tips, where we will offer you writings on your health from a Biblical perspective.


We will address topics such as:


What tips on health does the Bible offer you?

Are Health tips from the Old Testaments still valid?

What does the New Testament says about your Health diet.

Did Jesus had any diet during His human life?

Different areas on your Health according to the Bible.

How to keep a healthy life through your diet.


We will add many more topics later on. You are welcome to email us and ask for a specific question on your health diet and we will surely get back to you with the Biblical perspective.

You can also suggest titles and subjects you would like to read in our website. General health tips is a free resources website to treat your health diet according to the Bible.



  • Blood and Unfit “Clean” Animals

    Blood and Unfit “Clean” Animals   Even among the animals that God has determined to be “clean” and created to be received with thanksgiving and are sanctified by the Word of God in Lev. 11 and Deut. 14, He doesn’t want us to consume them if they are in such a poor condition, that we…

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  • Biblically Permitted And Forbidden Fats

    Biblically Permitted And Forbidden Fats   Ge 45:18 And take your father and your households, and come unto me: and I will give you the good of the land of Egypt, and ye shall eat the fat of the land.  Did you ever wonder why God says He will give us the “fat”, but the…

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  • The Added Blessing of Health

    The Added Blessing of Health   Does the Bible have anything to say about health, or is it just a book about spiritual things?  Actually, Lev. 11 and Deut. 14 contain twofold teachings, both spiritual and physical.  They test our obedience because we do not understand why we cannot eat something that tastes good and…

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  • What to Eat and Not to Eat

    What to Eat and Not to Eat   What animals does God say we should and shouldn’t eat?  “Whatsoever parteth the hoof, and is clovenfooted, and cheweth the cud, among the beasts, that shall ye eat.” (Lev. 11:3, KJV)  The permitted animals include cows, deer, sheep and goats, but not pig, rabbit, raccoon or tiger….

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  • Does God Care What We Eat

    Does God Care What We Eat?   “You are what you eat”.  Though that is not a direct quote from the Bible, there is truth to it.   After six thousand years of human degradation, our bodies are in worse shape than ever before.  That is why, today, there are so many different kinds of…

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  • The Bible Diet

    Five part series on “The Bible Diet”   The Bible Diet: Does God Care What We Eat? The Bible Diet: What to Eat and not to Eat The Bible Diet: The Added Blessing of Health The Bible Diet: Biblically Permitted And Forbidden Fats The Bible Diet:  Blood and Unfit “Clean” Animals

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