Best Reasons Why Testing Coronavirus is Important?

Why Testing Coronavirus?

Well, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are laboratory tests that can identify the virus that causes coronavirus (COVID-19) in respiratory specimens. Almost every State and local public health departments have received tests from CDC while medical providers are getting tests developed by commercial manufacturers.

There are some information that might help you make concern decisions about seeking for a medical attention or testing. Not everyone, though, needs to be tested. Obviously, there is no need for testing coronavirus when you think there is nothing changed within your body system.

Let’s know that:

  1. There is no vaccine or what so ever for treating coronavirus pandemic disease. So seeking medical attention when no signs have yet been identified is meaningless.
  2. Some people have mild illness and are able to recover even at home. In such case, you realize that there is no need for testing coronavirus.

Before Testing Coronavirus

It is important to have identified some symptoms of coronavirus and want to get tested. At this point in time, try calling your state or local health department or medical provider. In Ghana for instance, there are emergency help lines that are set (ready) to respond and attend to.

The general aim of the Government on this strategy, is not only to help minimize (if not to eradicates) the rapid spread of this pandemic disease but also testing coronavirus will reach every part of the country.

After Testing Coronavirus

Let’s explain this in two folds:

If you were tested POSITIVE, Good Look! You still need to play one major role here. Take all precautions and guidelines given and those that will be updated from time to time by the Health Organizations and Institutions responsible.

On the other hand, if you were tested NEGATIVE, it still means there is hope. This means that, you immediately have to seek for medical attention on order to help you recover. Note that, recovering from coronavirus disease does not mean, you can not get infected again. There is no single prove (evidence) yet to buck up.

It is possible that you were very ealy in your infection at the time of your specimen collection and that you could test positive later, or you could be exposed later and then develop illness. In other words, negative test result does not rule out getting sick later. Aside calling your healthcare provider for medical advice, you should take all guidelines recommended by your health institutions to prevent further spread of the virus.

testing coronavirus

Modes of Coronavirus Infections

All these are reasons why testing coronavirus is important, because that determines wether you have the virus or not. Let’s get to know some modes of spreading:

Spreading through humans

The virus is thought to spread mainly from one person to the other.

  1. It widely spread through people who are in close contact with each other.
  2. Study suggested that Coronavirus may spread by people who are no even showing signs and symptoms.
  3. One mode of coronavirus infection is through respiratory droplets. This is produced when an infected coughs, talks, or sneezes within a close range.

Above all, let us maintain good social distance (approximately 6 feet) in other to help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

testing coronavirus

Contacting contaminated surfaces or objects

We do touch a lot of things both consciously or not. Touching surfaces that has the virus on it and later on touching the nose, mouth and some other part may result in infection. And through this, we may easily spread the virus causing an increase in infection rate.

Let us be advised to take these recommendations.

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